49 Astonishing Websites to Get Free Stock Photos for Your Blog or Social Media

Image by rawpixel.com / www.freepik.com

49 Astonishing Websites to Get Free Stock Photos for Your Blog or Social Media

Stop Your Search For High-Quality Photos Now!

Paul Knulst  in  Blog Apr 15, 2022 2 min read

For me, one of the most time-consuming tasks while writing an article is finding a suitable free stock photo. As I started writing articles it was very difficult for me to find suitable photos and it took me very long to find a good resource.

Within my first articles, I just used images that I created on my own or “screenshotted” my source code to have some IT-related header images.

Unfortunately, today every reader is used to seeing high-quality stock photos, and not having one in my article downgrades it before people start reading it.

The reason for that is:

The first impression counts.

And the first impression a possible reader gets from my article is the title and the image.

So that's why I searched for several hours over the last months to have multiple websites that provide these high-quality stock photos that I can use in my blog articles.

I saved every website that I found and now I have 49 astonishing websites that I want to share with every fellow writer.

1. Freepik

2. New Old Stock

3. Pexels

4. Free Nature Stock

5. Gratisography

6. DesignersPics

7. stockvault

8. albumarium

9. Chamber Of Commerce

10. FOCA Stock

11. ISO Republic

12. Vecteezy


14. picjumbo


16. GetREFE


18. FreeImages

19. MorgueFile

20. splashbase

21. Litte Visuals

22. BucketListy Blog

23. StockSnap.io

24. Shotstash

25. Startup Stock Photos

26. Negative Space

27. pixabay

28. Life of Pix

29. Realistic Shots

30. jay mantri

31. Foodiesfeed

32. Magdeleine

33. Splitshire

34. kaboompics

35. Cupcake


37. Stokpic

38. Viintage

39. Picspree

40. Icons8 Photos

41. freephotos.cc

42. Freerange Stock

43. WOCinTech

44. Travel coffee book

45. Moveast

46. Barnimages

47. pngTree

48. Wikimedia Commons

49. Unsplash

Closing Notes

Thanks for reading this article!

That’s the end of my astonishing list containing multiple different websites for free stock photos.

I hope you find at least one helpful website that fits your needs and you can use it for your next article.

If you do not find a suitable image you can have a look at another article from me about illustrations for your article.

Feel free to share your valuable response and if you have another useful site in your mind don’t forget to share it in the comments with the community. Also, share❤️ this article with friends to help them with their articles.

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By Paul Knulst

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