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About this site

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Do you want to know me? Yeah? Good, I want to properly introduce myself to you!

My name is Paul Knulst, I am working as a Senior Software Engineer and I  want to welcome you to pauls dev blog!

That's me saying Hi! Welcome to pauls dev blog. And my dog is always watching
That's me saying Hi! Welcome to pauls dev blog. And my dog is always watching

I love to share information with everyone. In 2021 I started to blog on Medium while researching new technologies and working on interesting IT projects.

My blogging journey began in 2021 because I want to research new DevOps-related technologies (Docker, Docker Swarm, Traefik, Lets'Encrypt SSL, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, etc) and want to share them with my colleagues and friends. Also, I wrote articles about Productivity, Quality, Programming, and Software Engineering.

Within May 2022 I reactivated my personal blog and transferred most of the articles from Medium.

I also created a newsletter that you can subscribe to here for free: https://www.paulsblog.dev/newsletter.

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If you have any questions or just want to say hello, contact me on this Google form.

If you want to support me (... and support the development of current and future tutorials) you can have a look at my support page where I show several opportunities to do so. Furthermore, there is a discord link, a request for a tutorial form, and a contribute an article form.

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For hardcore sponsoring, I created a Sponsored Membership. It does not give exclusive content. Every $ will be spent for this blog by extending my server cluster to host more services to write about. If possible I also try to provide free services to every subscriber at any point in the future.

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