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Excuse me... Paul, there's a bug in this file, ... this is not correct!

How can you contact me? How do you get support for tutorials that you read here? Luckily, there are several options...

Discord: the place where cool kids meet

Nowadays, all the cool kids use Discord server.

Eh? What's a Discord?

Yeah, I know. In the beginning, I also thought that Discord is only used by gamer kids, but it turns out it's really great for a geeky community. Why?

  1. It has a native markdown for code blocks
  2. You can easily share screenshots per drag and drop
  3. It is completely free. It costs nothing. And No Ads
  4. They have a mobile app, and mobile notifications that are reliable
  5. Individual channels for different topics
  6. ... much more

My Discord is called DevMonks and at the moment it is mainly used by colleagues and friends who are talking mostly in German. But everyone on this Discord can speak English and would be happy to help.

Discuss An Article

Every article includes a section at the end for your valuable comments.

If you have any question or comment about a specific article, you can navigate to it, scroll to the bottom, and add your comment. I will read this question/comment activate it (unless it is spam) and answer. The commenting software I use is privacy focus ( and you do not have to enter any personal information like email, name, etc unless you want.

Use Reddit

I have created a subreddit called "pauls dev blog" where I try to answer everything. Join and ask questions. Feel free to ask me anything about articles in this blog. Honestly, you can ask me anything about programming, DevOps, or software engineering. Maybe I can answer it :)

Don't hesitate to submit a question on my subreddit!

Request A Tutorial

I'd love to hear your ideas for more different tutorials. To request/suggest a certain topic, please contact me on this Google Form.

Contribute An Article

One thing that I really love more than article suggestions is article contributions! Contact me through this Google Form and we find a way to publish your article here and in several other places!

Seeing Bugs?

Found a bug anywhere? Tell me by either:

  1. Commenting on the article (see above), or
  2. Contact me through the Google Form.

Want Something Else?

If you have any other requests, please contact me on this Google Form.