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Do you earn something with your blog? Ads?

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Generally, I do not use Ads on my blog!

Do I Earn Money With This Blog?

In short: NO

As I said, I do not earn any money with this blog because I do not show Ads, do stealth marketing with newsletters or promote articles, etc. Importantly, I do not want to do this because I want to provide my articles to everyone for free!

Although I do not earn money with this blog I add links to Ko-Fi and Buymeacoffee below every article I post on this blog. I do this for every person that wants to sponsor me.

Additionally, as I use Ghost as my blog, users can subscribe with a monthly/yearly amount to this blog if they want to. It is not mandatory to read my article and this is only a kind of sponsorship. It does not grant any benefits. Everyone will get the same articles. There is no special How-To, Tutorial, or promo code for subscribers. Feel free to have a look at the contribute page that will explain it in detail.